About Me

I am a sophomore at the University of Cincinnati, studying Electronic Media through the College-Conservatory of Music. I have the worlds longest student title, and I am proud of it! (Exaggeration, maybe.) I want to be a studio engineer when I graduate, but I am working towards being able to secure a job in new media or video production as well, just in case.

My two favorite things in life are music and technology.

Funny story, I used to hate Macs. I was a huge PC guy. Then eMedia made me buy a MacBook Pro. Now I’m in love with my Mac, and I can’t stand to use Windows anymore. I’ve seen two of my roommates have epic fails with their PC’s this year, and I actually convinced one to switch to a Mac.

I try to make everyone happy, and I generally am pretty good at it. When I’m not, I usually make it out to be a bigger deal than it really is.
Basically, I’m a nice guy. And I like it that way.

Want to know more about me? Read the blog, its whats on my mind.


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