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Work in Progress

The title says work in progress… Thats what I am.

I have been learning a lot about myself lately. And consequently, I have been happier with who I am, and who I see myself becoming. And I think that it is a very good thing that I can look ahead and like what I see. Even while I am unsure as to what is going to happen in the future, especially related to my career, I am content with what I think it could be.

I thought of all this as I have been struggling to find a job somewhere around my school, and thinking about where and how I’m going to live next year. There are a whole lot of question marks in my future, but I have faith that it will all work out. Maybe it won’t work out exactly as I think it should, but I know from experience that I will be able to make whatever happens work for me.

Funnily enough, I started this post merely to say that I have found a job I am going to look into and that it excites me. And also that I am trying to progress myself further in the electronic media field by trying to get more involved in things that interest me. And it turned almost philosophical when I came up with the title “Work in Progress”. Funny how my mind works sometimes.

Related to my trying to gain more experience in the electronic media field, my debate blog will be releasing a podcast sometime in the near future, which Rob and I recorded last night. With a few more tweaks, it will be ready to post when we finish the written part of our debates. Stay tuned for that, I will post another link to the site when the podcast is up. Please let me know what you think of it, this is the first time I have done anything like this before (Rob never has either), so any feedback would be more than welcome.

I hope you enjoyed today’s ‘stream of consciousness’ style posting! Til next time.


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I’m still Writing!

Hey there readers! Its been… well… a whole summer since I last blogged here. But I promise, I’m still at it. I fell out of routine this summer as I was really busy with work, and I was barely on my computer. So I didn’t really find any links to post the entire summer, and I didn’t do that much that warrants blogging about.

That said, I did do a few interesting things this summer. I went to Kings Island (an amusement park in Cincinnati for those who aren’t familiar) with my girlfriend and her family and forgot to tell my parents I would be gone for 4 days. I took a family vacation to Dauphin Island, Alabama. I went to Cedar Point (another amusement park in Sandusky, Ohio for those that don’t know). I spent some time with family, friends, and my girlfriend. And I made money while working the rest of my time away. So it was a good summer, but now that I am in a routine again I’m kind of glad it is behind me. Thats just the kind of guy that I am.

I am currently working on finding something interesting to write about, so stay tuned! For now, check out the debate blog I run with my roommate, Rob. It is called Bone of Contention, and we are starting a new debate this week. We plan to have a new post every day on debate weeks, and to have a debate week every other week. We are also planning on starting a podcast for it, so stay tuned for that!

Til next time,


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