Last batch of Freshman links!

June 8, 2009 at 4:08 pm Leave a comment

This is it, the school year is almost over! I have an exam to do tonight, and two projects to be done by Friday, then its all over! I will be a freshman no longer! Part of me might miss the freshman experience, but most of me is glad to have survived and to move on next year. Right now I am checking over my finances for next year, and once I post this I will head out to the apartment to sign my lease for next year! I am excited to not live in a dorm next year, and to have my own room too!

Before I go, I would like to share some of the links I found while stumbling (read: procrastinating) last night. I really should have been working on one of my two projects, but yesterday was one of the laziest days I have ever had. Fortunately for you, that means more links!

First off, a sign that should not be on the internet. I don’t know why, but it says it right there: Do not post on the internet. Ok then.

Next, a new computer virus. I’m sorry to infect you, but I’m bound by honor to do so. Another side effect of the Amish Virus… I laughed pretty hard when I saw that.

Third, someone turned the original Donkey Kong into Russian propaganda? Believe it! This actually makes me want to play DK now, maybe its time to find an emulation… (Check out my post on emulators!)

Finally, a comic that related to a few posts I have written about personalities. I’m usually one of the guys on the right, thinking about how negative someone is but unwittingly agreeing anyways. Recently I have been trying to take a more proactive approach to life however, and I have been trying to be more of a positive guy than just a non-negative guy. I’m a work in progress, but hey, aren’t we all?

Thats it for this school year, but expect more from me over the summer and throughout next year! My surroundings may change, but I’ll still be right here, at A Rock in the Stream of Consciousness.


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