Springtime in the Stream

April 19, 2009 at 8:20 pm Leave a comment

The weather this weekend was amazing in Cincinnati, which allowed me to finally get out and do something fun for a change. Friday I managed to shake off some cobwebs (and get a tan!) at the driving range, played some catch Friday and Saturday, and played some Ultimate Frisbee sometime in there. So now I’m sore, and its raining, so I’m back on the computer stumbling through the internet and watching the Godfather through Netflix. What an amazing day!

I have managed to find three interesting links to put up today during my travels through the internet. I thought they were all entertaining, and I hope you will too!

First, a test that will help to determine how well you can hear high pitched noises. Its kind of like that annoying “teacher proof” ringtone, only it comes in increments so you can figure out just how bad your hearing really is. Be careful not to listen to it with the sound all the way up as it might damage your speakers. I could hear up to 17.7 kHz, and my roommate could hear up to 19.9 kHz. How high could you hear? I learned in class that the threshold of human hearing is 20 kHz, but this page says that by the age of 20 it drops to around 17 kHz.

Second, the coolest/nerdiest Mac desktop ever imagined (feel free to prove me wrong!) If I could figure out how to do this, I would, but I can only find the tools he used. Some of which are pretty cool, so check them out if you are a Mac geek like me.

And lastly for today, and my personal favorite link, a timeline of the evolution of the cover of the game, “Left 4 Dead”. Whether you like the game or not (I love it!!), this is an interesting look into the process that goes into the marketting of the game. I have thought about some of the other aspects of making a game, but never thought this much about the cover. Very interesting for anyone intersted in art, design, the game, or just a good read.

Well, thats it for today, I hope you enjoyed the links I found, and stay tuned for more possibly later this week!

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Queensryche’s “American Soldier” You’re not always right. Face it.

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