Thinking ahead…

April 3, 2009 at 5:04 pm Leave a comment

Its not something I usually do. In fact, its something I generally avoid. As long as the next few hours add up in my mind, life can go on without too much thought.

This is not the case for me right now. Before anyone (read: mom) gets excited about seeing me learn to plan ahead, I should say that it is nothing important. Just what I’m doing the next three weekends.

Normally I try to keep my blog from being an autobiography in progress because as a blog reader I don’t find this to be all that interesting. But the occasional blurb about cool things going on in my life I think can be interesting. Feel free to disagree, I would be happy to have any kind of feedback!

Tomorrow is my grandparent’s 50th anniversary, so I am driving to Dayton to congratulate them and catch up a little. 50 years is a long time, and I would personally be happy if I lived to be that old, let alone be married that long. Has anyone you know, or you yourself, had a 50th anniversary? Do you think it is amazing that a marraige could last a half a century? I know I do!

Next weekend, Easter weekend, I am going home to be with my family. This should come as news to anyone in my family reading this tonight, becuase I haven’t actually told anyone that yet. Heh… I’ll get on that. (Again with the thinking ahead thing)

And the weekend after that, I found a really cool event in Dayton. I just found this and I think I’m going to buy tickets once I post. I know that it is a little bit (maybe very) nerdy, but the Dayton Philharmonic is performing “Play! A Video Game Symphony.” Student tickets are $27. I’m not sure if this is a good price or not, because I don’t know the length and I don’t frequent symphonies, but this sounds fun regardless. It reminds me of a CD I got in an issue of Nintendo Power magazine, oh about 5 years ago (ish). I forget which symphony performed it, but it was a collection of Nintendo tunes, and it was pretty good. Does anyone remember this CD, or know who performed it?

So, I have my next few weeks planned out, and it begs the question: Are you doing anything interesting anytime soon? Its always fun to hear what other people are up to, as it seems that most people get out more and do more exciting things than I do.

That’s it for now, enjoy my song of the day!

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